Roobic the Gannuck

LAND: Klaki

SEX: Unknown

Roobic is an Engranging Gannuck rumored to roam through the valleys Klaki and sometimes Dreka. Quite the inquisitive sort, Roobic likes to explore every nook and cranny of an area, and it's said he (she? it?) stalked the cave of Sucatras at one point. As far as anyone knows, Roobic is the only Gannuck to befriend another dragon. He and the dragon pup known as Khione have sparked up a distinct friendship, partaking in snowball fights on a grand scale across the land. As the powers of Gannucks are generally unknown (beyond what seems to be immense strength), one should be very wary of making any attempt at engaging Roobic in any nefarious manner.

(Of course, as Gannucks haven't technically been proven to exist as of yet, all information on Roobic should be taken with a grain of Vattensalt.)

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