Gharnn, King

LAND: area previously known as Drekaland (now Dreka)

SEX: Male

Never achieving any titles of commendation himself, the dragon known as Gharnn ruled over the kingdom of Tomayto for many years. Despite being younger than his brother Bhlarg, Gharnn took over from his father Jolstin as ruler after his unfortunate demise from consuming expired Octomilk. He and his mate Kaytney had two sons, both of whom expired waiting for their horse-drawn cart to begin moving (see "The Tale of the Carriage That Simply Would Not Move").


As a ruler, Gharnn was very unexceptional. He wasn't necessarily liked or disliked by his followers, but didn't go out of his way to earn their favor. Looking to gain accolades from his peers, Gharnn went on a quest to capture a Fricklefox by the name of Brickle. Gharnn believed that wearing one would grant him fame and adoration, and gave it chase across much of Fyra Oyer. Fricklefoxes were known to be quite clever, and little did he know that the entire experience was one the animal had enticed him into, trying to show him the err of his ways. Not one to be "outfoxed," Gharnn lunged at the animal and mistakenly found himself plummeting into a deep, dark cave, never to return.

It's said that the teetering old bones of Gharnn wait below what is now known as Gharnn Falls to this day, still trying to entice passing adventurers into bringing him the Fricklefox he could never catch himself.

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