LAND: Dreka

The Octoflorf is a peculiar creature known for producing milk from the two small horns on its head, which when consumed fresh is amazingly tasty, though when expired can be extremely poisonous. When on land, the Octoflorf walks on eight long, thin legs, making it adept at climbing, while in water they act like little arms to propel it through the waves. A small and commonly-found creature, its snout looks soft but is actually quite rigid, acting more like a beak. The creatures are quite useful, and some communities base their farms around raising Octoflorf. To be raised properly, there must be a decent area of water nearby as well as dry land, as they prefer spending their time grazing in each equally. Octoflorf were kept as pets at one point in history but became difficult to maintain due to their semi-aquatic nature.

The famous tale of Derrywickler the Non-Swimmer tells of a young dragon that kept an Octoflorf named Eureka as his best friend. One afternoon, Eureka wanted to take a quick dip in the Kaytney Lake as the two walked along its shores. Poor Derrywickler, who could not swim, followed his pal into that water, thinking it might teach him how. In times since, any mishap involving the partaking in actions that are obviously inadvisable might get you called a “Derrywickler.”

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