Mertimer Peak

Mertimer Peak is a very important place in the history of Fyra Oyer. It began as a house and farming area atop a large hill in (what was then called) Eldurland, owned by a dragon named Mertimer. At one point, the Juni Tree farmer’s land became overrun by invading Dragaroos that reproduced in peculiar ways after consuming the surrounding leaves. Doubling and tripling in number practically overnight, Mertimer was unsure how to keep the creatures from not only taking over the entire farm, but invading his home as well. Finally accepting that his crops were a loss, he took his house apart piece by piece, painstakingly rebuilding it atop the center of two Juni trees. This seemed to keep the creatures at bay for awhile, but soon their numbers grew so tremendous that Mertimer evacuated to the roof. Trapped and with no feasible way of escaping, his food and other necessities quickly ran short. Just as it seemed his fate was sealed, the infamous Battle of Eventry took place, and the invasive creatures largely scattered in the melee. While the farmer could descend from his house perched high in the tree limbs at last, little was left of the land he had carefully cultivated over the years. Everything around him was decimated by both the Dragaroos and the ash and fire that had overtaken the small mountain during the battle. The last Mertimer was seen was reportedly by Sucatras, sitting back atop his house and viewing what had become of his little world, utterly unsure of what to do next.


After the Battle of Eventry, Sucatras and Camastriere came up with the plan that would eventually lead to the Meeting of the Few. The highest peak remaining in Eldur was the area around Mertimer’s home, and Cam proceeded to hike up the hill, climb into the trees, and on to the delipidated roof of the house perched there. Summoning all of her strength and sorrow from the recent loss of her mate, Augino, she let out a tremendous roar that was heard across all of Fyra Oyer. Every remaining dragon that had initially escaped the Purge of Drakon gathered to the area as quickly as possible, recognizing the call as one dragons seldom utilized (or were even capable of) unless under a deep cloud of distress and hopelessness. Once they all arrived, it was there that they decided to hide all their remaining eggs across the various lands in a final bid to save the next generation of dragons.

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