Juni Tree / Leaves / Fruit

With their thick, winding trunks and hardened branches, Juni Trees trees mainly grew along the shores of (what was then known as) Eldurland before the Battle of Eventry. Since then, the land cannot sustain crops, and Juni Trees are more of a rarity across Fyra Oyer. The leaves are two distinct colors and often drop at different times- pink shaded ones symbolize the tart and pillowy texture of the fruit’s insides, as they are relatively light in weight and often drift in the wind before reaching the ground. Blue leaves are heavier, representing the fruit’s harder shell, and generally fall straight down. There are unsubstantiated rumors regarding eating these leaves, contending that one is more likely to bear a male dragon by consuming the darker shade, while a female pup may result from the pink. Both are known to taste extremely bitter.


The fruit of the Juni Tree had long been a staple in the diet of dragons, though as they’ve become scarce, they’re considered more of a rare treat. The outer shell is often too hard for even dragon jaws, with only skilled farmers and those with special abilities attuned to such things able to crack them without outside tools. Covering the seed inside is a rich fruit, delicate in feel but very flavorful, though some contend that the seed itself is the tastier morsel.

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