Drakon, the Gloom King

LAND: Fyra Undar (rumored)

SEX: Male

Drakon, the self-titled Gloom King, has an origin shrouded in mystery. He is very old, though his age has remained similar in both his appearances. His first noted sighting was in an attack on the Village of Pylamar by him and a small band of other dragons. Unprovoked, the group largely laid waste to the town, moving on and doing the same to the Kingdom of Showard the Dart. Both were eventually rebuilt, but the same could not be said for the Kingdom of Tomayto nor the Village of Haal, the next two populated areas on their path of destruction. While Cliffolt was largely spared despite it being along the perceived route, it was not as fortunate upon the second coming of the Gloom King, largely referenced as the Purge of Drakon.


Drakon and his group destroyed the majority of the structures of Haal, though did not directly target any of the residents themselves. While the details of the battle are largely unclear, the Fiddle of Anemarols was used at some point, injuring Drakon enough to create a huge gash in the land (now called the Curve of Leh-Ta) before fleeing the town. The townsfolk from the affected areas followed the group, cornering them at an undisclosed cavern entrance in The Ravening. In an event that has spurred many legends (especially involving Fricklefoxes), Drakon and one of his companions became trapped underground, though the group's remaining members escaped.

At the time, the identities of Drakon's comrades were unknown, despite resembling several younger residents from Haal. It is now understood that the group consisted of Unbryn-Brinnle, Thorneapple the Unsavory, the Beest of Gladd, and Phinneas the Donkle.


For several Yar, Vattenland experienced random quakes attributed mainly to natural phenomena (or tall tales, such as "The Great Fish War"). In reality, Drakon had been slowly hollowing out the ground beneath, tearing through the root system that served as the foundation for the island. Somehow his presence, whether through mere influence or physical disease (a malady that has been called "The Gloom"), corrupted a substantial number of area Cave Dragons during his confinement. With their assistance, Drakon destabilized the entire region, finally escaping (along with Phinneas the Donkle) and sinking Vattenland in the process.

In short order, Drakon reunited with his initial group and attacked once more, though on a much broader scale. They seemed focused on capturing the entire population of Fyra Oyer, though the Town of Cliffolt and the entire area known as Eldurland were both destroyed entirely. Once all the dragons were seemingly seized and escorted to locations unknown, Drakon and his minions disappeared.


Many Yar have passed since Drakon has been seen or heard from, and a new generation of dragons have started to repopulate most communities across Fyra Oyer. Rumors persist that his allies Thorneapple, the Beest, and Unbryn-Brinnle lie in wait for his return, and particular discussion has revolved around that time being soon.

After the population's disappearance, each land in Fyra Oyer dropped the "land" connotation from their titles, becoming Eldur, Klaki, and Dreka. Formations have begun the rise in the Sea of Vatten, renamed to the Island of Anemarols, Lauriman Isle, and Drakon Island (denoting where he and his minions emerged from the caverns below) respectively.

The whereabouts of the previous occupants of Fyra Oyer were never found.

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