Forest of Bhlarg

Bhlarg was the first-borne son of King Jolstin, passed over for the crown in favor of his brother, Gharnn. This act caused him to leave his home kingdom of Tomayto in search of new adventures, though his resentment of the family made him a very bitter dragon. Upon hearing the stories regarding his brother's unfortunate Fricklefox incident, he searched for him, eventually coming to camp near what has now become known as Gharnn Falls. Determined to explore the cascading waterfall until he could prove his kin truly lost within, he set about having a good night's sleep, though his location was never ascertained again from that point forward. Tall tales of his whereabouts have since been composed, with the most popular being that during the night, he encountered an Engranging Gannuck. The stories vary, speaking of how he either followed or was taken to the nearby trees by the elusive creature, whereupon their encounter in a game of chance ended with Bhlarg never being able to leave the forest's confines again. It is said that remnants of Bhlarg's camp still remain, and on certain nights a fire burns mysteriously as if his specter camps there to this day. Others claim to hear his influence in the trees themselves, having become one with the forest.

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