Dragon Elves

LAND: Klaki

The Dragon Elves are beasts rumored to reside in areas around Klaki during certain times of the Yar. Additionally, they’ve reported to have been spotted via ‘portals’ that take one to faraway lands, though Chimmybrew consumption might be the culprit in the creation of those tales. These mysterious creatures are believed to bring good luck, and many of the younger dragon pups search for them during more festive times. The following descriptions of several Dragon Elves come from stories told to youngsters:


Frost loves playing in the snow and making little sculptures from it, offering them as gifts to her friends.


Gabriel’s wings sense the mood of his companions and change color accordingly. Whenever a hug is needed, he calls on the other Dragon Elves to assist!


Rudy is the youngest of the Dragon Elves. Always ready for fun and games, he overflows with energy. His cuteness makes him impossible to resist playing with!


As his name suggests, Star’s natural luminescence shines bright, making him stand out amongst the others. Cheerful and good-natured, his smile brings light and joy to everyone.


North has an adorable red nose, making him unique. He gets his name from his exquisite sense of direction, as he’s always able to point to what he calls the “North Star.”


This adorable dragon is the shyest of them all, but he’s a thoughtful and philosophical little Dragon Elf when he does open up.


Angel is a loving and huggable dragon elf, always ready to offer a warm embrace and comforting words. She is a very motherly figure among them.


Noel loves bringing gifts to everyone. She seems to have a bottomless bag filled with presents, always knowing exactly what everyone wants!


Bell communicates through poetry. When she speaks, she creates small poems and rhymes.


Tinsel sprinkles something she calls “dragon dust” everywhere she goes. Her delicate wings flap colorful sparkles, sharing her magic and happiness.


Carol communicates through music, as her wings flutter to create magical melodies. Everyone knows when she’s nearby when they hear her song in the distance!


Holly is a sweet Dragon Elf, very quiet and calm. Her serenity brings peace to everyone.

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