Captain Skagg

LAND: Dreka

SEX: Male

Captain Skagg is the current owner of the boat known as The Eliza at the Skag Point Port in Dreka. His full name is Captain R.S. Skallywagg- rumor has it the R.S. stands for Rap-Scallion, as he's a bit of a rascal. The actual genetics of Skallywag are up to debate, as to some, he's stated being more closely related to Cave Dragons, though often he claims relation to the regional, pure-dragon owners of the boat he is the skipper of. While remaining tight-jawed on the details, he's quick to point out that his name being very similar to that of the Port itself is only mere coincidence.

The boat was previously owned by a couple from Haal whose daughter Elizabeeth used to sneak aboard at night with her friends and travel to the Island of Anemarols. Elizabeeth became known as one of the "Lost Three" upon her mysterious disappearance, and her parents took over the area and christened the boat 'The Eliza' in her memory. Skallywag took over the duties of maintaining it after the Purge of King Drakon rendered the area abandoned.

It's unknown how Captain Skagg escaped the Purge himself, perhaps embracing the Cave Dragon half of his heritage and fleeing below ground until times were safer to re-emerge. He is a creature of great humor and quite happy with his position currently, always eager to share a joke, have a chat, or offer information about Fyra Oyer with those he takes across the Sea of Vatten.

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