Theory of Fyra Undar

LAND: Fyra Undar (rumored)
There is rumored to exist an extensive series of caverns and hollowed-out land deep beneath Fyra Oyer. Some who have done extensive cave-exploring have reported discovering crevices that empty into vast, unexplored areas. While the lands themselves have always been known to experience great and sudden geological shifts, these entrances often disappear as quickly as they’ve been found. Different species of creatures and more have been spoken of, though no proof of any of it has currently been presented. Discussions have persisted enough to where it has gained the name of Fyra Undar, or “Under Fyra”- a play on Oyer sounding similar to “Over.” Further stories have related this to being the area where King Drakon and his army originated. Strange rumblings have been heard from time to time, with some describing the sound as if the beating of creatures running, perhaps even racing.