Tomayto Tree and Chimmyfruit

Tomayto Trees originated along the side of the Chimmyfruit Hills, as their fruit is used to make the famous Chimmyfruit. It is known to be a very fast-growing plant and gained its name from a group of adventurers that stumbled through a wild crop of them while tromping through the mountainside. Exhausted, they eventually camped further away on the site that became known as the Kingdom of Tomayto. When they awoke, they found that the seeds on their feet had taken root in the ground around them as they slept. Some had already grown to where one of dragons looked at the plump, purple berries and screamed, “Tomayto! Obviously!”
While there is much conjecture as to how true that story is (the plant does grow fast, but overnight seems a bit unlikely), it was the tale most often told by the residents of Tomayto regarding the founding of their kingdom. The berries that grow in that area are even referred to as Tomayto berries, though everywhere else, they are called Chimmyfruit.
The Tomayto Tree ironically was the downfall of the Kingdom of Tomayto itself. During the first attack by Drakon and his troop, the area was devastated and abandoned for several days. When the residents returned, the Tomayto plants had largely overtaken the structures, despite only being non-attended to for a short time. There is a theory that the vegetation has a certain smartness about it, sensing when it can grow wild and take over when nobody is around, though that would make it one of the most intelligent plants in existence. If true, it has been wise enough to keep its supreme intellect a secret.