The Island of Anemarols

Home to the mighty Anemarols Tree, this island's true powers and history are mysterious and peculiar. Legend has it that the members of the Lost Three, consisting of Elizabeeth of Haal, Thorneapple, Bryn-Brin, along with Haalstorm the Twenty-Thirdled and Phinneas the Donkle, spent a significant amount of time on this island. The wood from the tree is said to have unique attributes, depending on what is made from it. If the item is given with good intentions to those whom the maker profoundly cares about, it is quite powerful; otherwise, it slowly disintegrates when taken off the island. Elizabeeth created a fiddle from the tree that she used to calm the transformed Haalstorm, which was later corrupted and manipulated by Unbryn-Brinnle to lure the adult dragons away from Fyra Oyer during the Purge of Drakon.

The tree itself, planted by the dragon Anemarols and her mate, Petara, had several peculiar characteristics. When Petara would leave for his adventures at sea, it grew taller to facilitate her watching from above for his return. In warmer times, it would grow wider so that the two could relax in the shade of its branches. When Petara disappeared (seemingly for good), it grew with great intensity, said to match the search by Anemarols for her lost love.

The island used to be part of Vattenland, sunk when Drakon tore apart the tree's roots from beneath, causing the underground structure of the island to falter and crumble. Vattenland has since resurfaced into three separate islands (now called simply Vatten), one of which is the Island of Anemarols. The tree has also started regrowing under strange circumstances, and its root system may be responsible for the rising of these lands once more.

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