The Legend

A Time of Peace
For as long as history had been recorded, the world of Fyra Oyer- consisting of Klaki, Dreka, Eldur, and the island of Vatten, respectively- was at peace. Complete harmony reigned amongst the population of dragons and others creatures, even more-so than one would expect, and all lived and thrived with nary a care in the world.
As it turned out, things were a bit too pleasant. The gap between light and darkness, of good and evil, had leaned too heavily in one direction for far too long. Like any other scale, the world required balance to function correctly, and over time the abundance of light compared to dark created a steady buildup of the latter. This accumulation was called The Gloom.
The Tipping Point
The Gloom was a swelling collection of all the rottenness that should have occurred naturally over time, and it remained trapped and swirling like a pestilence deep beneath the ground. It had been absorbed and guarded by a tremendous creature named Narwina for countless ages, but despite her immense power, it had reached a weight and girth impossible to maintain. Soon she would have little choice but to release it across Fyra Oyer, engulfing everything all at once in an immense wave of grief and darkness that had been built up for generations.
Then, quite unexpectedly, a different solution presented itself.
A small group of dragons, barely into their teen-blaze years, decided to investigate a particularly curious cave one day. Descending deep below the surface, they encountered Narwina and the sickness that had bloated her beyond all comprehension, seeing firsthand what was about to spill across the land. The only way to avoid such a plague was to let it infect and expand somewhere else, just as it had in the creature that lie before them. Seeing no other possibility, the young group opted to absorb The Gloom entirely within themselves instead.
The Scourge
The dragons that emerged were no longer the same eager, young pups that entered the cave that day. Enlarged and extremely powerful, they tore across the land with wild abandon, destroying towns and kingdoms randomly. The tribe, driven by the power of The Gloom and led by a dragon by the name of Drakon, were unable to control their actions or thoughts, taking the population of Fyra Oyer completely off guard by the sudden attacks. As they descended upon their home village and all hope seemed lost, they paused, looking at those they once considered their family and friends. Realizing what they’d done, they plunged and trapped themselves within a deep cavern in a moment of selflessness and sacrifice. Instead of continuing their scourge, they chose to succumb to The Gloom alone, like Narwina before them.
A Renewed Peace....and Lurking Danger
Many Yar passed, and peace was again restored across Fyra Oyer. The tales of the Gloom King Drakon and his minions became legend, but unbeknownst to the dragons of the four lands, their power was still festering deep beneath the surface. The affects of The Gloom had spread to other creatures around them over time- Dark Cave Dragons were created, and their small troop slowly became an army. Unable to contain the darkness within them any longer, they hollowed out the ground that imprisoned them and burst forth at last! Each member led their own collection of mindless minions and began their destructive paths once more, destroying much of Fyra Oyer. The countryside of Eldur was reduced to flames and soot, the island of Vatten sunk entirely, and other areas met similar fates. With a frightening swiftness, the Gloom King and his horde kidnapped the entire population of dragons and hid them deep underground. As quickly as it began, the Purge of Drakon decimated everything and was over, leaving the world bare and quiet.
The Awakening
Before Drakon could complete his invasion, the adult dragons banded together and hid their unhatched eggs in various areas across Fyra Oyer. As silence took over and time passed, the next generation of creatures were born and re-populated the world, unaware of the tragedy that came before them. They learned to farm and grow, build and mate, and maintained a sense of normality amongst themselves.
Unbeknownst to them, Drakon and his forces were still very much alive and had become aware of the awakening in the world above. This time however, the residents of Fyra Oyer would not be taken off-guard. A set of young twin dragons had survived and escaped the initial Purge, and along with a wise, old dragon named Sucatras, went on a journey to learn how to defeat their foes and possibly free the lost population. Using their knowledge, they would teach and train this new generation of dragons, as together they might have a chance to bring peace to Fyra Oyer once and for all.