Cliffolt is a mountainous region just east of the Hallows of Unbryn-Brinnle in Dreka. During the Purge of Drakon, the area was "hoisted" far above where it once lay level, completely obliterating the structures that made up the area. While it is unknown the true reason for the land suddenly rising, it's been said that the great beast Narwina resides beneath the ground and shifted in place upon the re-emergence of Drakon. This caused the terrain to change completely, and most of the trees and even the land forever bear the colors of orange, yellow, and red- stuck halfway between the dark shades of near-demise and the bright greens of healthy forests.

Bridges have since been built connecting the areas hoisted in Cliffolt, but beware of supposed treasure you may find. The wily creatures known as Chest-Of-Roars have been known to reside in the area, holding the appearance of treasure while waiting to snap at those too curious for their own good. Drakon himself is said to have lost part of a claw in this manner.

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