LAND: Dreka

SEX: Male

Gadget is from Dreka, though initially that wasn’t the case. Before he was hatched, the unborn dragon went on a mini-adventure while still inside his egg. As it sat hidden next to another of similar size and color near a small cave in Eldur, a glint from its shell caught the eye of a Swooping Finnick flying high above. Snatching it up, the creature carried the egg across numerous hills and rivers, all the way to its nest along the shores of Dreka. With a peck of its beak into the egg and a whiff of what it contained, the creature lived up to its name (as of course, Swooping Finnicks are known less for their swooping and more for their finicky nature), and promptly kicked it from its perch with a snarl. His egg cracked open as it hit the ground, and one confused little dragon pup rolled down the hill and came to rest in a tuft of grass.

Backka dappa dapp?” he stated, shaking his snout and looking out at his surroundings.


Gadget received a good knock to his noggin as his egg gave way. His jawline was discombobulated slightly, though he’s never felt especially out of place. Over time, he started to use the peculiar shape of his jowls to his advantage. Able to scoop large objects up in his mouth, he could blow them back out at incredible speeds when he wished, and any obstacles in his way became mere targets for spinning boulders shot from his powerful jaws. In addition, he could quickly dig large holes and gulleys, making few directions he chose to stride unpassable.

After awhile, his natural dragon abilities revealed and adapted themselves to his physical modifications, as soon he could heat whatever he had in his mouth to great temperatures. He learned he could spit literal fireballs, either high into the air to light the night skies or across the fields of battle.


One day as Gadget was still a pup, wandering the Haal River that separates Dreka from Eldur, a wind crept up that resembled more of a whisper to him. It wasn’t just an echo, but a sound that seemed familiar, though he wasn’t entirely sure why. Following it, he made his way to Thorneapple Bridge and saw something very peculiar. Standing on the other side was what seemed like his own reflection, a real live one that looked back but didn’t make all the same moves. The dragon was a different color- green, but otherwise, the two were similar in every way.

“Nom-nom?” the other dragon said, cocking his head.

“Backka dappa dapp?” Gadget replied.

They both seemed to understand each other as if their skewed language was crystal clear.

“Gah,” the other dragon said. “Gah Jet?”

“Giz,” he replied. “Giz Mo?”

Laughter ensued, though neither seemed to understand why. After a few more grins and chuckles, the two departed, knowing they would meet again someday.

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