Castle of Showard the Dart

The castle and kingdom of Showard the Dart lies along the eastern shores of the Shelibowe Lake. A great many legends have come from this area, as the residents were known for their good humor and love of sporting activities, especially anything that included speed. Darting was an event created by the castle's first queen, Showard, who long ago invented a type of vehicle (called a Dart) that moved faster than dragons could fly at the time. While this technology has been lost to the ages, races of exceptional grandeur were recorded to have taken place on a daily basis.

The kingdom took massive damage during the initial appearance of Drakon and was rebuilt, though the sporting events have not since resumed. It is rumored that much of the population had already relocated en masse prior to the Purge of Drakon, though the reason for the exodus is not known. Speculation remains that their racing knowledge became an integral addition in another matter, but the truth has yet to be revealed. Should some lucky dragon come upon any type of proof or plan of how the infamous Darts were once built, perhaps the festivities at Showard could begin anew.

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