Meeting of the Few

After Phinneas the Donkle and his troops attacked Eldurland in the Battle of Eventry, it became clear that King Drakon's forces were only temporarily thwarted. The dragon Camastriere, mate to the Mighty Augino, became the driving force behind organizing what became known as the Meeting of the Few. Standing atop Mertimer Peak, she summoned all of her anguish from the loss of Augino and let forth a desperate wail that rang out far and wide across all of Fyra Oyer. This call drew all remaining dragons to the remains of Eventry, at which point it was agreed that all unhatched eggs were to be hidden across the various lands. Should something happen to their parents, at least the next generation may have a chance at survival and avenge their fates.
After the Meeting of the Few, the area known as Eldurland was abandoned, with all residents fleeing to different parts of Fyra Oyer. The eggs were hidden, and the adult dragons disappeared shortly after. It is because of this event that the next generation of dragons survived.