LAND: Klaki

SEX: Male

With his eyes often pointed behind him, the dragon Yukio has long understood the need for watching his back. His skin has made him misunderstood amongst the other dragons, never gaining pigment and bearing only a sullen grey color. While his appearance may seem intimidating, possibly even frightening, Yukio is a very sensitive dragon at heart. He keeps on the lookout for those that might make fun of him, preferring to stay amongst a close-knit group of friends.

What others don't know is that his lack of color is hereditary and evolved through the years as a defense mechanism. Yukio never seems to stay in one place very long when he feels uncomfortable, though his sudden disappearances are often a mirage. One moment he may be standing and listening from afar, and the next moment he has used his ability to naturally camouflage himself to become nearly undetectable, blending in amongst the snowy drifts of Klaki. One should never assume Yukio is fine with the criticism against him, for while others may be laughing, he might be sneaking up on them in the middle of their conversation to tie their tails together!


As he's had to deal with the inadvertent bullying by others, Yukio has developed quite a mischievous nature, though his cleverness may work to his advantage as he ages. Against a clear sky in winter, with the clouds holding a bright blanket over the sun, the approach of Yukio would never be spotted until far too late to avoid his presence. If there is ever snow on the ground (as there usually is in Klakiland), he is like a ghost, invisible to even a trained eye.

One weakness Yukio has, besides his fragile emotions, is his love for Fiddlecakes. Known for devouring any that might be around, it has made him gain a bit more weight than his counterparts from time to time. While he uses his surroundings to become undetectable visually, the rustling of his stomach across the ground from too many Fiddlecakes never fails to announce his approach unintentionally.

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