The Folding (The Purple Storm)

The Great Purple Storm
A strange occurrence happened at one point in Fyra Oyer that has yet to be fully explained. A mysterious purple-shaded storm passed through the land of Dreka, affecting several dragons before disappearing as quickly as it came. In particular, the dragon known as Oversizedhat faced it head-on from his farm and saw a shift in personality afterward, as if something came through it and remained within him. The young pup Chase has since gained the ability to ‘blip’ himself places in quick fashion by manipulating (or ‘Folding’) reality somehow. After each blip, it is as if some elements of that storm are still being accessed, and items from outside Fyra Oyer’s particular space and time periodically cross over. While usually minor things (hats seem to be a common item for some reason), other anomalies have been reported and remain mystifying. Thus far, these dragons and environments have been affected by the initial storm and after occurrences of Chase’s Folding:
· AQUADRA: goes into a trance-like zen state when disguising herself as a Vattenweed, able to possible tap into the elements of the Folding/storm
· ASH: feels the peculiar need to guard the area around Phinneas Pass, calling himself Phinne-Ash
· CHASE- a black hat ‘blipped’ from parts unknown, bearing strange symbols, which he now wears. It gives him a strange confidence and he often hears music in his head, causing him to dance.
· COMET- seems to be able to communicate through a form of hypnio-osis with creatures in the sea, particularly a Kricklecrab by the name of Bubbles (though this may have been a naturally-gained ability)
· ISERAN- A voice calling itself NARESI joins him in his head, bringing more intensity when he uses his abilities, and his eyes glow whenever he is dishonest. Additionally, he has a heightened sense of smell.
· JADE- once heard a strange frequency above the water, spoken in an unknown accent. He unexpectedly began growing a moustache and speaks in a different accent as if something were talking in his head. His facial addition seems to have an odd ability to slow time and impart wisdom beyond his years to others. He knows of the legendary Great Fish War and is beckoned often by voices underwater to parts unknown.
· MERGESS- heard a voice telling her that her full name is Mergess Beredith (or something similar), and she is driven to become an actor as her passion, taking after the legendary Nonkee the Overachiever despite never knowing the tales of him.
· OVERSIZEDHAT- gained a cowboy hat, a western-type accent, and a shift in his confidence. He feels able to lead others to lands he has yet to even visit and has wise and mature ideas past his years.