Galloping Grepp

LAND: Dreka

The Galloping Grepp is an animal that roams the more desert-like terrain of Fyra-Oyer, and is known for its ability to sustain itself for long periods without the need for water. Dark brown in color, it is relatively tall and skinny, roaming the sands in a fashion most peculiar compared to other creatures its size. Similar in height to the Dreka-based Maggs-O’Co Clapp-Snapper, it is more common amongst the dunes and much faster. Its gait resembles a sort of dance, and periodically the Grepp likes to “show off” its galloping skills as if each move has been choreographed to music only it can hear. Randomly, it will stop for no discernible reason, striking odd poses before moving forward once more, which can make tracking their movements very difficult.

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