Keth-Dalon & The Wand

LAND: Klaki

Keth-Dalon is a triggertroll that resides near Wendin Lake in Klaki. He carries a walking stick with peculiar attributes, as it is fully capable of speaking and considers it his better, more sensible half. Keth-Dalon has explained that the rod is his Bumbleshoot, a creature previously thought to be fictional, and is named The Wand. He had a notorious run-in with Sucatras the Elder, in which he declared that the dragon had fallen into his “pudding,” which in reality was only a mound of soft snow. For this misstep, he knocked poor Sucatras into the Wendin Lake using his Bumbleshoot (which vehemently apologized as it was being swung) and went back to guarding his prize.

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