LAND: Vatten

SEX: Female

Living among the colorful reefs that surround Vatten is the swift and stealthy swimmer known as Lotus. She is often tough to see, using the flowery mane on her forehead to sense the hues of coral around her and changing her skin color from snout to tail as if dipped in a vat of multi-colored paint. When finding herself in a tight spot, she has the unique ability to blow giant bubbles from her nose, each coated in a thick film secreted from her powerful jaws. The moment anyone tries to corner Lotus, they usually find themselves encased in one of these huge, inescapable globules, rising slowly and shattering only when reaching the surface.


Perfectly at home beneath the waves, Lotus can absorb large amounts of seawater through the purple freckles in her skin to store in her tail. When spending time on land, she can shoot a powerful stream from her mouth either for defense or to soak other dragons in need of a wet wake-up call. Over time, she could learn to utilize the strong solvent in her mouth to spit thick water strands long enough to cross moderate-sized gaps, creating a sort of liquid bridge. In some instances, dragons that need a little boost might sit above Lotus’ snout and get blown upward, riding a miniature tidal wave. Once Lotus’ water reserves are depleted, you better have either solid ground within reach or strong wings to get where you’re going!

Lotus is a bit naïve and innocent as far as dragons go, which sometimes causes her to react slower. In situations where others may sense danger, she is more likely going in for a closer look. One unfortunate afternoon, she had an encounter with a Loch-Sharc, curious to see if it was friendly. The moment it chomped off the small horn on her nose, she knew to be more careful in the future, though the encounter wasn’t necessarily all bad. In place of the spike grew a flowing set of pointy petals that could sense the colors around her, sending signals down the rest of her body and changing the pigment of her skin to match the environment. Somehow, evolution knew that Lotus was bound to get in many scrapes due to her curiosity, adapting rapidly for future calamities!

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