Compass of Fyra Oyer

When navigating through Fyra Oyer, one might find several responses upon asking for directions, some of which might be confusing should there be less of an acquaintance with the land itself. Periodically, North, South, East, and West might be mentioned (and which are perfectly proper), though dragons tend to point themselves using directions that correspond more with particular lands versus constant definitions. If standing in the middle of Fyra Oyer and you were to head in a north-eastern direction, you could say you’re traveling “Klaki,” as that would be towards the land known as Klaki. To travel “Vatten” would take you south-west, “Eldur” south-east, and “Dreka” north-west. Unlike the traditional N,S,W,E of the compass, the other descriptions vary depending on your current location. For instance, if one were skipping over the lava rivers in Eldur and asked a Cave Dragon how to travel Klaki-ward, the beast would instruct them in a northern direction towards that corresponding land. Should you be prancing around Dreka and wish to visit the Statue of Augino, you’d be pointed in an Eldur direction, though that could be east or south-east, depending on your location in Dreka at the time.