Anemarols & Petara

LAND: the area previously known as Vattenland (now Vatten)

SEX: Female (Anemarols) and Male (Petara)

Anemarols and Petara were dragon mates that resided in Vattenland, responsible for planting the massive tree that stands on what is now called the Island of Anemarols. Grown as they were courting, Anem used to sit beneath it as Petara journeyed out across the sea on adventures. It grew faster and taller during his time away, watching over Anem in his absence and letting her climb high into its branches to scan the seas for his return. One day, Petara mysteriously didn’t come back from one of his sailings. As Anem mourned his disappearance, the tree grew with an abundance never before seen in any type of vegetation in Fyra Oyer. For every tear spilled on the grass near its trunk, it expanded as if trying to absorb the grief from her.

The roots from the tree eventually were so strong and deep that they enveloped the area beneath Vattenland. It was this same root system that Drakon tore through during his banishment below ground, resulting in his escape and the sinking of Vattenland. Undaunted, it has grown back even bigger than before, bringing some of the land formations it once cradled to the surface again. Drakon Island, Lauriman Isle, and the Island of Anemarols now make up what is known as Vatten as a result.


Petara’s disappearance is one of the greatest mysteries of Fyra Oyer. While occasional bits of wood from his ship have been found, nothing of great significance has ever washed ashore. Additionally, no wreck from the vessel lies along the sea bed either. The day he vanished was one of a great and sudden storm, and legend has it that similar weather anomalies have brought about further sightings of the craft over many Yar, fading from sight as the precipitation passes.

One famous example is that of Shell, the dragon whom the Shelibowe Lake and Rivers are named after. One day as she and Thorneapple (with whom she was friends) were riding the waves around Lake Kricklebush, a similar storm blew through and pushed them out to sea. Shell fell from Thorneapple and would’ve been lost were it not for a peculiar ship that appeared in the mist, saving her from drowning. As the strange hurricane-like force blew out, the boat and its occupants did as well, including Shell. Was this the ship of Petara, still searching for a way home?


The wood from this tree is very particular in that one must have good intentions for its use upon taking it off-island, lest it starts to disintegrate. The Fiddle of Anemarols was built using it by Elizabeeth, played to calm and eventually trap Drakon beneath Fyra Oyer. It was ultimately taken and corrupted by Unbryn-Brinnle, who used its previously-calming abilities to put the adult dragons of the land into a trance-like state, leading them all underground at Drakon’s command.

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