LAND: Dreka

SEX: Female

Farasha is a name that means “butterfly,” which perfectly fits this shy little dragon. Despite having no known siblings, her best friends Mergess and Zeekeez provide all the family she needs.

Flourishing in the land of Dreka, she rarely strays from home due to her delicate nature. She avoids the stinging ice of Klaki at all costs, too cold for her fragile wings, as well as the scorching heat of Eldur. Only the beaches of the newly-risen islands of Vatten are frequented by her on warm summer days, flittering this way and that with an innocent grin across her large jaws. To call her dainty would be an understatement, but counting her out when it comes to defending her homeland is a grave miscalculation.


The wings of Farasha flutter in a more refined manner than most dragons, similar to an elegant dance as she flits up and down. Contrasting their majestic grace, Farasha’s jaws snap open and shut as if spring-loaded. Every bit of her is a study of extremes, though her practice of balance is a fragile curiosity some view as weakness. Her true powers only manifest themselves by embracing her fears, and upon realizing this, she could be a more formidable dragon. For example, if she absorbed the heat of Eldur instead of avoiding it, the searing temperature would only make her flaming breath hotter. Her skin hardening against the cold air of Klaki would create a defensive shield not unlike a cocoon, making her slower but also impervious to attack. Additionally, her strong jaws have the ability to chomp clean through most anything, should she actually try.

Instead, Farasha feels most fulfilled by twirling across the soft, temperate beaches of Vatten in innocent abandon. With her strong beak, she chooses to crack only the hard shells of the Juni Fruit when lucky enough to find some. More satisfied with the seeds within than whatever may lie at the center of battle, she lives the graciously content life of her namesake, the butterfly.

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