LAND: Eldur

A Ripper is a goat-like animal known for its warm and elastic fur. Previously known to hike the desert hills of the Ravening and Barbaring, the population has since migrated to the heated hills of Eldur after the Battle of Eventry. It has long, thin horns on its head and is known for having a very distinguished voice- when you hear a “bahhhhh” from a Ripper, it sounds almost polite.

Rippers get their name for their ability to ‘snag’ themselves on anything in the environment that they can attach their fur to. Once wrapped against something, the Rippers run in the opposite direction, tightly pulling their mane until it snaps them back into the air, catapulting them over great distances. The sound this bounding creates is similar to a ripping noise, though their fur is elastic enough to where no actual tears are caused.

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