Dock of Oin-Boin

The Dock of Oin-Boin lies in the northernmost area of Kaytney Lake, just outside the frozen drifts of Wendin Lake. Mainly utilized by the population of Lynan, it hasn't been used as often since the Purge of Drakon. It primarily linked commerce between much of Eldur to the mainland of Dreka, especially the Village of Pagels at Narwina Docks. The name of this dock comes from the odd sounds in the air that resemble a spring of sorts, with a distinct "Oing! Boing! Oing! Boing!" echoing through the breeze. While its true source is unknown, it has been attributed to the underground pipeline (known as the Wendin Canals) nearby that leads to Skag Point Port, mixed with the strange moaning that drifts through the nearby mountains Stoufdan.

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