Dark Cave Dragons

LAND: Fyra Undar (rumored)

Dark Cave Dragons make up the majority of the army of King Drakon. Back when Vattenland was still an actual island, legend has it that Drakon and at least one of his minions were tricked into flying deep into one of the caves that connected it to Drekaland. The entrance was sealed before they could escape, and they were trapped for so long that their existence had been perceived as nothing more than a fairy tale.

Drakon had been infected with the Gloom, an affliction few know the true impact of. When he’d been sealed in those cold, dark caverns, a large population of cave dragons already called those caves home. Over time, the Gloom spread to them, changing both their shapes and mindset, coming to resemble Drakon himself. Previously, cave dragons’ statures were taller, more slender, and with very long whiskers, looking very little like dragons. When the species experiences sudden shifts in their physical abilities or appearance (whether through evolution or otherwise), it affects them all. Despite there being no openings in the caverns linking their prison to the outside world, the changes affected even the cave dragons above ground, looking closer now to regular dragons.

When Drakon finally escaped (sinking Vattenland in the process), he took with him an army of what are now known as Dark Cave Dragons. Deeply afflicted with the Gloom, they follow their master blindly. Returning to their shadowy homes only when his tasks are complete, they are always at the ready, called upon using an unknown method (possibly a type of hypnio-osis) to join his side once more.

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