Phinneas the Donkle

LAND: Unknown

SEX: Male

The dragon known as Phinneas the Donkle has a history shrouded in mystery. It is assumed that he is at least related to another creature from Haal (also known as Phinneas) that disappeared long ago. Coincidentally, that Phinneas was known to be tragically bad at the game known as Donkle, so it is generally assumed that the two are one and the same.

From what little information has been garnered, Phinneas the Donkle emerged at the same time as Drakon from a place termed “Fyra Undar.” He appeared to be his closest companion and General, participating in the Gloom King’s scourge across much of what was then known as Drekaland. Along with Thorneapple the Unsavory, the Beest of Gladd, and Unbryn-Brinnle, they destroyed several towns and kingdoms on a path towards the village of Haal. There, something occurred that is not entirely understood, but it led the group to depart (after causing complete devastation to the area) for a cave near the Ravening. During unknown circumstances, Phinneas and Drakon then became trapped underground, spending untold Yar beneath the surface of Vattenland.


As Phinneas remained trapped with Drakon, it is said that he fully succumbed to a sickness known as “The Gloom,” if he hadn’t already. Affecting the resident Cave Dragons as well, the creatures below began excavating the area and tearing through the root foundation of the land above. Causing tremors that were explained away in fairy tales to dragon pups (see The Great Fish War), they finally broke through the surface, obliterating the island as a result.


Drakon tasked Phinneas with taking over and capturing the inhabitants of Eldurland. He and a troop of Dark Cave Dragons made their way there, expecting little in the form of actual resistance, only to find themselves facing a dragon by the name of Augino the Mighty. With his coat of Dragaroos, he was prepared for the invasion, and the struggle between Phinneas and the brave residents of that land became known as the Battle of Eventry. The details of the skirmish are sketchy, but the fate of Phinneas is said to have been decided that day, as well as his combatant. The confrontation resulted in Eldur being reduced to soot, essentially uninhabitable.


While a statue of Augino remains where the final battle took place, the memory of Phinneas is marked only by a craggy trail that few travel called the Phinneas Pass, crossing over a bubbling stream of churning lava known as the Donkle River. A member of the new generation of dragons by the name of Ash often calls himself Phinne-Ash. Skirting around Eldur, he is very territorial of those particular landmarks and the name in general, despite not knowing their history. Additionally, there is rumored to be an item known as the Phinneaxe that has been (or can be) molded from items in that area.

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