Purge of King Drakon

The event and time known as the Purge of Drakon is attributed to the second coming of the Gloom King. After being trapped in the caves beneath Vattenland, the re-emergence and subsequent assault by him and his forces across Fyra Oyer are included in this definition, along with the following events:
· The Sinking of Vattenland and the disappearance of its inhabitants
· The retreat and hiding of Cave Dragons and Tutors (including Captain Skagg)
· The Hoisting of Cliffolt
· The invasion and decimation of Eldurland by Phinneas the Donkle and his forces (The Battle of Eventry)
· The Meeting of the Few and the resulting hiding of the dragon eggs
· The general evacuation and decimation of several towns and villages across Fyra Oyer
· The disappearance of nearly all of the adult dragons
It is unknown the reasoning behind the subsequent desertion of Fyra Oyer by Drakon and his minions shortly after the adult dragons went missing, but there have been no sightings of the Gloom King in the time since. Once the eggs of the new generation of dragons began hatching, the Purge of Drakon was considered over, as the young pups that repopulated the land had no knowledge of these events before for some time. Rumors persist of Thorneapple the Unsavory and Unbryn-Brinnle still lurking in darkened areas, and the avalanches experienced in Klaki have been attributed to the presence of the Beest of Gladd, but none of this information is substantiated.