LAND: Dreka SEX: Male

Oversizedhat is a very peculiar dragon, speaking with a very unusual accent and often replying to commentary as though thoroughly fixated on other topics in his mind. That isn’t to say he isn’t paying attention or trying to be rude, but rather that he is focused on the conversation at hand along with ten other things going on in his head at the same time. He is the one to come to when in need of an idea or to settle a disagreement, as he remains very calm and is usually the smartest dragon in the room. He is very loyal to his friends and those he considers family, and is forever in search of new adventures. If something needs inventing or creating, you might find that Oversizedhat has already done so long before you knew it needed designing, often by pure happenstance. He is steadfast and a natural-born leader, despite his often subtle nature. When stressful situations arise, you might hear Hat brushing off the difficulty, solving things quickly while commenting, “Now git along, little doggie!”


It is rumored that Hat used to be a dragon named Stawk and had quite a different personality- quieter and more withdrawn, scared a bit about the world around him. Upon asking about this previous life, he’s been known to reply, “Maybe, but then I got an eye’deer and followed it.”

Whatever happened is said to have changed his voice entirely. His words rounded out, became deeper, and with a drawl unrecognizable in all of Fyra Oyer. Additionally, he gained the enormous head-tent he wears constantly and began referring to himself as Oversizedhat (all one word, or perhaps three words said quickly enough by him to warrant it being singular). While such adornments aren’t typical, his is very unique, and addressing him as Stawk rarely gets his attention (though might get you a chuckle).

Hat is quite the storyteller and has intimated on several occasions that Fyra Oyer isn’t his original home. Whether spinning a tall tale or reminiscing of places far away, the mysteries of his past may never be revealed. “I’ll tell ya’ at the end!” he is fond of saying.


Oversizedhat has an undetermined power set - whether or not it hasn’t been grown into or simply not demonstrated is unknown. He has exhibited the ability to hear things others often cannot, usually from objects not attributed to making noise. In his thick accent, he speaks of sunsets and the sounds they make, or how the stars blink loudly through the night. He has a keen sense of navigation, often riding a Clapp-Snapper with his hat well over his eyes. Either seeing right through it or by being completely in touch with the environment, he doesn’t require a view of what’s around him to know his direction.

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