Boobaloo Few

LAND: (what was previously known as) Drekaland

The Boobaloo Few were a group of dragons in their teenblaze years that lived in (what was previously known as) Drekaland. The members of this informal tribe were Elizabeeth, Bryn-Brinn, Phinneas, Thorneapple, and Haalstorm the Twenty-Thirdled. Most (if not all) resided in the village of Haal, and one of the members was a descendant of the town’s founder. Spending their time exploring different caves across Fyra Oyer, they found a way to traverse the different lands by utilizing the Wendin Canals that run underwater. This particular action caused a rift between some of the members, as Thorneapple either couldn’t swim or was afraid of the water in general.


The name “Boobaloo Few” came from a song Bryn-Brinn wrote and used to sing about a fictional soup. They found it hilarious and compared their “gang” to the stew and its ingredients- mysterious, kind of stinky, and at its best when deep below the ground. The lyrics went as follows:

“Run-diddly-dum for you, the Boobaloo Stew

It looks like sloppy Ripper-doo and smells similarly too!

You’ll want to hide your tongue inside a box and lose the key

And bury your poor nose among the Snides and Turkle-Ti’s

If ever there could be a braver soul to take it down

It won’t be me to savor all those lumps, so green and brown

I stole all the ingredients from every place I could

And dug a hole with deviance, so cook? Nobody would!

That recipe was hid by me and buried in the ground

My sanity would surely see decline if it were found!

So nevermore exists a clue- it’s sunken deep from view

Run-diddly-dum for you, the Boobaloo Stew”


While it is unknown the circumstances, the members of the Boobaloo Few all disappeared or were changed into dragons much different than they had been. While exploring a previously-blocked cavern, the gang was never seen again in their previous form. While rumors persist that each still somehow exists, it was widely considered that Thorneapple, Elizabeeth, and Bryn-Brinn were considered “lost,” though the true meaning of that term is unknown. Either way, they became known as the Lost Three, though Phinneas and Haalstorm were not included in that definition. It is said that the fate of those two was never in question, though the reason behind that is currently undetermined.

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