LAND: (what was previously known as) Drekaland

SEX: Male

Derrywickler was a young dragon that lived in an area of (what was then known as) Drekaland near the Kaytney River and Lake system. His parents operated a nearby Ocotflorf farm, and Derry became close with one of the animals in particular, which he named Eureka. As octoflorfs generally go about their business without paying much mind to who owns, feeds, or watches after them, the friendship between them was largely one-sided, but that didn’t stop Derry from going everywhere that Eureka went. Unfortunately, that included the nearby lake, and the small dragon mistakenly thought the octoflorf would teach him how to swim, as he didn’t know how.

In memory of poor Derry, they named a nearby town after the small pet he was so close to, forever known thereafter as the village of Eureka. This is likely where he and his family already lived, though the area’s original name has been lost to time. Another element of Derry’s existence was that any time someone chose an action that was obviously inadvisable (such as the dragon’s poor decision to follow Eureka into the lake despite not knowing how to swim), they’ve been dubbed a ‘Derrywickler.’

It is said that there are some descendants of Derry in the new generation of dragons, as the resemblance through their family tree was quite distinct.

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