Ruins of Tomayto

Once the kingdom of King Gharnn and King Jolstin before him, Tomayto was a region in Dreka along the eastern shore of Lake Kricklebush. It received its name for its abundance of Tomayto trees from which one can harvest the sweet fruit that is the main ingredient of Chimmybrew. Legend has it that the first creators of drink were the founders of this land, consuming far too much of the beverage while looking at the small, round purple balls of fruit hanging from their vines, exclaiming, "Tomayto! Obviously!" Alternate recollections state that they stumbled there from the Chimmyfruit Hills, spreading seeds along the way and fell asleep, establishing the town accidentally there afterward.

Many rulers led this land, though much of it was decimated to the point of ruin. The next generation of dragons have made a home in some of the dilapidated buildings, and the nearby graveyard has legends all its own.

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