Donkle (the game)

a young Phinneas with his Donkle award
Donkle is a popular game that dragons play in groups of 5, 6, or (oddly) 23. One legendary match consisted of 173 dragon pups took place in Yar B266 but became so chaotic that it’s difficult to know if the game was played correctly.
The rules of Donkle are known to be quite complicated, though once you’ve started a game for the first time, it apparently becomes quite intuitive. Little is known about the actual gameplay, as all of the dragons that knew about it disappeared during the Purge of Drakon, thus the true history of Donkle is lost to time. One bit of trivia remains: during the initial invasion of Eldurland and the Battle of Eventry, the invading force was led by a creature that introduced himself as Phinneas the Donkle. His identity and surname were known to some at the time, though he appeared physically much different than the dragon that had previously carried the moniker. Phinneas achieved the nickname due to a legendary streak of losses at Donkle in his hometown of Haal, to which he even received an award.