LAND: all areas of Fyra Oyer

The Clapp-Snapper is an animal that roams the plains and waters of Fyra Oyer, always happy to give a quick lift to dragons that need to get to far-off areas fast. You'll always know you're in the vicinity of one of the creatures when you hear the sound of its gallop, emitting a "snapping" type of noise into the air created from their claws clicking together as they run.



LAND: Klaki

In Klaki, the Wendin Snewdrifter gallops swiftly across the white hills and plains, gaining its name for its ability to run fast through the snow. One unattributed quote often used to describe the force and speed of these beasts goes as follows: "That snow isn't even there anymore after the Wendin came through, trampled into mere snew now."

Often abbreviated as simply "The Wendin," it is the creature for which the underground canals, lake, and nearby Kingdom are named, as the stories involving these creatures are both magical and legendary. A creative and well-dispositioned animal, the Wendin has stark white fur, a mane of smoky lavender, and a laugh-like whinny that can bring a smile instantly to any young dragon's face.


LAND: Dreka

The Maggs O'Co is the most common breed of Clapp-Snapper to be found roaming the land. Travelling in large groups, you'll think the Maggs O'Co to be galloping at such speeds to where they emit flames from their feet, though it is actually the shine from their golden hooves glinting in the sunlight. While its fur tends to be slightly dark, its mane is a bleached yellow, and the tuft of hair across its head bears a bright red. They are even-tempered as Clapp-Snappers go, though definitely known for getting ruffled and ornery when rubbed the wrong way.


LAND: Vatten

The Dripwalloper used to be known as The Isle-Ambler, as they used to slowly meander the shores of Vattenland before the re-emergence of Drakon and his minions. They were the only breed of Clapp-Snapper that was a slow runner, as traveling from one side of the island to the next was not a long journey. When the islands sunk, the Isle-Ambler did a very peculiar thing- it adapted quickly to being in the water, kicking its back legs at furious speeds, finding it could swim faster than it could run on land. Its body has continued to evolve in the short time since, resembling more of a seahorse than a land-based animal. It is now the fastest of the Clapp-Snappers, and can swing its tail (previously its back legs, now adapted into a curling fin-like appendage) with great force when it chooses to. Unwanted visitors and predators may find themselves quickly walloped before knowing what's hit them.


LAND: Eldur

In Eldur, the Darkfur is a mysterious and much-sought-after companion. A new shade of black (appropriately titled "EldurClapp") has been created to best describe its fur- so dark that it blends into the night completely, rendering it near-invisible. Like the Dripwalloper, it too adapted quickly to its new environment when the landscape changed, as it previously looked like a slightly darker-shaded version of its Dreka counterpart, the Maggs O'Co. Something about the blackened land around it quickly transformed the Darkfur beyond just changing the pigment in its fur- it is now less likely to trust those that approach it, preferring to stay at greater distances. However, once it does warm up to you, it will ride with no others, as the Darkfur is loyal and yours for life. While the Dripwalloper may be the quickest Clapp-Snapper, it is rumored that the Darkfur travels so swiftly across the land of Eldur that it rides the shadows themselves- blink once, and you'll be where you need to be almost instantly.

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