LAND: the area previously known as Eldurland (now Eldur)

SEX: Male

Mertimer was an adult dragon who had a home in what was once known as Eldurland. Sitting high on a peak overlooking the town of Eventry, he was a Juni Tree farmer that enjoyed a quiet, peaceful existence. He very much enjoyed his solitude, preferring to watch his crops and trees grow as if studying their slow rise to the sky.

During the Purge of Drakon, much of the land around his farm was charred and destroyed by Phinneas the Donkle. Shortly after, it all came under siege from displaced Dragaroos searching for new soil to burrow and live. As his was one of the few areas with land not completely burnt to a cinder, it became home to the huge population of the creatures, much to his dismay. To make matters worse, they began to eat the Juni leaves, which had somehow been altered by the smoky land around their roots. Their consumption caused the Dragaroos to multiply quicker than usual (Mertimer claimed they were making mirror images of themselves somehow), and their numbers grew exponentially. The last reported sighting of poor Mertimer was of him atop his rooftop, surrounded by skittering Dragaroos of all shapes and sizes in such abundance they resembled a living sea.

While it is unknown if he escaped the Purge entirely or was captured with the rest of Fyra Oyer’s population, the land around Mertimer’s home eventually succumbed to the darkness around it. Like a slow-moving sludge, his house ultimately burnt to the ground, and all that remains is a blackened hill and the crackly remains of the Juni Trees he once fostered. The area has since been renamed Mertimer Peak, and its highest point was where Castamiere let out her great call to attract dragons near and far for the Meeting of the Few.

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