LAND: Vatten

SEX: Male

Chiplo is unique in that he is the first dragon to hail from the newest islands of Vatten that isn’t necessarily sea-based. When the original continent sunk (then known as Vattenland) due to the re-emergence of Drakon, nothing remained above but an empty, swirling sea. It was thought its grand history might end, as its population was gathered and taken away to parts unknown by the Gloom King’s minion, Thorneapple the Unsavory, and her forces. Untaken in the turmoil was one lone egg bobbing up and down in the water, swirling from wave to wave as the chaos continued around it.

While nothing of the island remained to the naked eye, scattered bits of land still remained, submerged just below the surface. The three largest were propped and entwined underneath by the powerful roots of a nearby tree, named after the dragon that planted it, Anemarols. While most of its mighty limbs had been destroyed as well, its root system lived on, raising the ground around it as it regrew. What re-emerged became Lauriman Isle, Drakon Island, and the Island of Anemarols; the three of which became the new grouping of Vatten.

As for the egg that would become Chiplo, it bobbed and bounced through the area until it cracked against some of the rocky remains below it. Four little legs sprouted out and searched for a foothold. Barely touching bottom, the tiny dragon stretched its head as high as possible to reach the surface. Being hardly born at all, its body was still quite pliable, and extending it as far as he could, the neck that would become the little dragon’s most recognizable feature took shape.


As it was still some time before the land around poor Chiplo rose with the regrowth of the Tree of Anemarols, the young dragon had a lot of time to spend standing in one place. He looked one way, then another. He peered at the sky and clouds above, and into the murky depths of the sea that surrounded him. He quickly learned that his long neck was very good for snatching little creatures that swam nearby, so he wasn’t terribly hungry. Surrounded by water, he definitely wasn’t thirsty. He was, however, awfully bored.

It was then that little Chiplo learned his second-most famous attribute- his ability to whistle.

It turned out that he had somewhat of a large gap between two of his teeth, which emitted a loud siren every time he sighed. Being as bored as he was, he sighed a lot.

Wow, he’d think. There is really nothing to do and nowhere to go. <sigh>


Suddenly, the vibrations that arose from the mighty sound from between his chompers rose his entire body in the air just a little. He tried again.


Again, up he went. He then flapped his little wings as fast as he could and exhaled again, finding that slowly but surely, he was able to “swim” despite his awkward (and very unswimmingly-shaped) body.


As the land rose slowly around him, Chiplo spent most of his time whistling and vibrating through the water, lying on his back in the sun, and learning to perfect his new method of travel. Once more ground was within reach, he’d travel to each of the new masses by tromping his little legs below him, whistling a quiet tune, and twirling his wings behind him. The only thing visible was just his long neck peeking out, and with the emergence of the new generation of dragons, he became an expert at fishing. Stealthy in his slow approach, his sudden whistling startled critters just long enough for him to snatch them quick, helpless against his hunting prowess.

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