The Player, The World

In Fables of Fyra: The Awakening, you play as one of the next generation of dragons that have repopulated the land. You will learn to use what you find and make to survive, build structures, craft items, and more. By embarking on various quests, players will increase their knowledge and skill levels, and learn hints of the history that came before, along with the coming dangers ahead.
In our Adventure Packs and other corresponding games, players will delve into the lore of the world. In Fables of Fyra: The Light in a Dragon Dark, you will play the role of the twins, the wise dragon Sucatras, and other historic characters. Utilizing various types of gameplay, you’ll relive the rise and subsequent battles with Drakon’s forces firsthand. The story continues in subsequent releases as you travel deep underground to rescue the kidnapped parents, facing the massive Narwina and other fascinating creatures, all with rich, complete backstories.
As the franchise grows, players will explore different styles of gameplay, such as dragon races, land battles, and much, much more. There are always continued tales to tell, legends to write, and Fables of Fyra to play and experience!