Brickle the Fricklefox

LAND: (what was previously known as) Drekaland

SEX: Male

Brickle was a Fricklefox known to have tricked the King Gharnn of Tomayto into hunting him across much of what was known then as Drekaland, looking to use him as a coat. He was able to turn the tide on the king, confusing him by using a Bricklebush (which was named for the creature thereafter), resulting in his royal highness plummeting into oblivion.


Rumors abound that Brickle’s motivation was Gharnn’s mate, Kaytney. Somehow disguising himself as the kingdom’s court jester (and going by the name Breh-Kel), he and the queen grew close. Playing on the king’s selfish nature and lack of smarts, Brickle led him on the wild chase with the intention of removing him from the kingdom. Though he did give Gharnn a chance to call off his plight, the contest ended in Brickle’s favor. Returning once more to Tomayto, he comforted Kaytney in her grief. Eventually, the two became mates, which is the element of the story that makes the entire tale fairly implausible. Still, some say Brickle was either turned into a dragon himself or Kaytney kept his true identity secret. The two ruled in a much more successful fashion for a great deal of time, and the dragons known as Gadget and Gizmo are said to be in their resulting lineage.

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