LAND: Klaki primarily

Triggertrolls reside primarily in Klaki but have kept homes in various lands, often guarding random trails or landmarks of little importance. They have a strange relationship with bumbleshoots, accompanying and being the more logical personality of the two.

A popular tale is of Jyef-Robs the triggertroll, who guarded a mound of old glorps in the Ravening desert and warned anyone that should they try to approach, he’d show them the true meaning of Fligg-Furthing. Additionally, a triggertroll named Keth-Dalon had a famous run-in with Sucatras the Eldur at Lake Wendin, accusing him of stumbling into his “pudding.” The dragon paid for this by being knocked into the lake by Keth-Dalon using his Bumbleshoot, The Wand.

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