Sucatras the Elder

LAND: Klaki / Dreka

SEX: Male

Sucatras the Elder is a dragon originally from (what was previously known as) Eldurland. He is one of the few adults that escaped the Purge of Drakon, spending a great deal of time hiding in the Stoufdan Mountains in Klaki. Recently re-emerging, he has approached the next generation of dragons with tales from a set of journals written by him that recount the lost history of Fyra Oyer. Stating that he has personally faced the individual responsible (revealed to be Drakon, King of the Gloom) for the disappearance of the previous population of dragons, it is through him that nearly every detail of the Purge and everything before has come to light.


Showing up under mysterious circumstances, Sucatras is primarily focused on training and informing the younger residents of the various lands. According to him, the relatives- parents and otherwise- of all that currently inhabit Fyra Oyer still exist, kidnapped and hidden away. Seeing firsthand the invasion of Drakon and his forces (and participating in the Battle of Eventry), Sucatras has only begun to reveal what he has seen and how it can help free those who remain captive.

Purporting to know the true identity of Drakon and his minions, Sucatras spent a good deal of time hidden and writing the history of the land. Little is known thus far about his early life, other than he was a farming dragon near the village of Eventry. Aside from the tales of how Eldur became uninhabitable, he states having pertinent information about the Meeting of the Few, the Fall of Haal, the origin of Thorneapple Bridge, tales of the kingdom of Tomayto, and many more that might have been lost to time.

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