LAND: Dreka

SEX: Male

Ember is a soft-spoken dragon from Dreka who generally keeps to himself, watching others warbling over things as he stays silent. It isn’t that he doesn’t like playing, but has listened and learned enough to know that sometimes it’s best to keep his thoughts to himself. Still, he’s a happy sort, always with a grin on his face and very loyal, but not especially the one you’d ask advice from. Quite content being in the pack, he takes everything in stride and remains calm and quiet in most situations, realizing a smile can go a long way versus an opinion.


The body of Ember, low to the ground and more stout than some (he rarely chooses to raise on his hind legs), has granted him some unique natural abilities. When focused, he can position himself in a battering-ram stance, running forward with expert precision to smash anything in his path to bits with his strong head. His unique paws increase his stability and swiftness, as the nails are hidden deep and folded under, gripping the ground with tiny points almost too small to see. Should he and his companions ever need to traverse an unmoving barrier, Ember is a tank of a dragon that cannot be swayed. Adversaries would be wise to move or be moved!

Despite a body adapted more for land, his ears have formed to act like additional wings to help steady his flying abilities as he grows older. Across his scalp, a set of tiny triangles absorb and retain light, though he only has a vague idea of this power as a child. Should his fellow dragons ever need a beacon to follow, Ember could release the energy from his forehead to light even the darkest night, leading others from above in a straight and steady flight to safety or otherwise.

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