LAND: Vatten

SEX: Male

Jade is a water-based dragon with a peculiar set of personality traits. known to be somewhat sneaky in his youth, he could dart swiftly through the drifts and countless strands of Vattenweed with great speed. Just when he started to assume his life would be similar to every other dragon around him however, an odd event occurred. As his ears were quite large, he had the ability to hear even the slightest sounds from far away (especially when underwater), and one day picked up a unique frequency from somewhere above the surface. It wasn’t so much a message as it was a wavelength, and though he shook it off and swam away, he began to feel peculiar. The next morning, he found that two of his whiskers had grown quite lengthy, poking out like a thin mustache from his snout! Over time, they grew skinnier and longer on each side, granting him additional powers he didn’t initially understand. These changes made Jade unique from those around him from then on by far.


The call from far above the ocean waves of Vatten made no sense to Jade when he heard it, spoken in an accent he didn’t recognize. He soon found his own voice changing as if recreating its tone, but not only that, it seemed to be talking from a separate train of thought altogether. Something seperate had made its way into his head, and often when he’d tried to say things on his own, what emerged from his jaws were unknown statements in a language he didn’t understand. Even more peculiar was that with each word he uttered, other dragons were paused slightly, as if he’d made time tick slower for everyone but himself. This power was something he became determined to control, or at the very least, share with whatever it was in his noggin that had chosen to accompany him on his adventures.

As Jade’s whiskers continued to extend into feeler-like strands, he found he could impart wisdom on others that touched them. He felt wiser too, as if thinking with two different brains (or at least one-and-a-half). He became able to imbue bits of his newfound intelligence unto others for short moments without even saying a word. Was it some kind of hypnio-osis he’d suddenly become infused with, or was it all in his head? He wasn’t sure, but communicating without speaking became an essential attribute for Jade.

While he didn’t know if it was due to his excellent hearing, his ‘wisdom-sharing’ whiskers, or the odd voice that rummaged around in his brain, he started to hear strange murmurs each time he swam around certain areas around Vatten. It was as if the creatures around him were whispering about something in particular, and even though he couldn’t normally understand the languages of anything but dragons, he could comprehend it as he passed through. Something about The Great Fish War rang out as if beckoning him to dive to parts unknown. While it would mean swimming deeper than he ever previously had, he knew that someday he’d have to follow those echoes to figure out what they meant.

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