Lynan Area & the Icosomid

The Village of Lynan lies in the Lynan Plains, an area just east of the Kaytney Lake. One of the few areas in Eldur left untouched by the Battle of Eventry (in which Phinneas the Donkle blighted most of the area), the terrain is primarily desert, extending north towards the Wendin Lake, becoming Dreka. The primary source of trade for the region was via the docks of Oin-Boin and Nanyl, though little has occurred since the Purge of Drakon. Its previous tenants gone, a new generation of dragons has started repopulating it.

Little is known about the history and previous inhabitants of Lynan, aside from a dragon by the name of Tacocat, who was known to have constructed the Dock of Nanyl. Many secrets are yet to be unearthed, should adventurers find a way to discover them.


The ICOSOMID OF LYNAN is a large, mysterious structure rumored to hold much of the history of the area within its darkened depths. While details of its construction remain unknown, rumors of it being built by creatures that no longer dwell in Fyra Oyer persist, as it portrays qualities that defy simple explanation. When nearby, odd magnetic forces draw certain objects towards it, as well as repelling others. While it appears to be easily entered, this same energy has yet to allow eager adventurers passage within, pushing them away as if blown by an invisible wind.

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