LAND: Dreka

SEX: Male

Skandy is a most peculiar dragon in that most of his powers reside not in his physical ability but his mental fortitude. Extremely intelligent, he’s the one others come to for advice, as he is wise beyond his years. If there was a trigger that allowed his brain to retain more information than others, he is not letting on how it happened, preferring to speak only when there is something important to say. Some have reported that looking into his eyes brings about an odd sensation, as if he can somehow soak up the knowledge of others through his stare, copying and adapting the information to further his impressive intellect.


While Skandy isn’t the violent type, preferring to solve problems with his mind versus physicality, he does have more powerful claws than most. A popular tale is that several dragons had gathered around a dying Juni Tree one day, remarking that deep in the middle of its withered branches, there remained a single living cob of fruit. Juni Fruit had become increasingly scarce, but the morsel was unreachable by either wings or claws, and the dragons mulled how to retrieve it before it became as rotten as the tree itself. Skandy plodded onto the scene, took one look, and slashed through the tree’s entire trunk with one swipe of his claw as if barely making an effort. Offered the fruit for himself, he merely raised a paw as if about to say something prophetic, but then turned to walk away in silence instead.

The most unusual thing about Skandy is the strange odor that periodically crosses the snout of those in his general hemisphere. It is a noxious scent one would usually attribute to a silly or childish dragon, but rumors persist that Skandy purposefully flerps in the direction of others, even though the action doesn’t fit his reputation as a dragon of wise distinction. Others have even heard the familiar sound of flerping while seeking his advice, soon accompanied by its familiar smell, neither of which Skandy acknowledges doing. When directly asked if it were he that flerped, he responds as if such a thing is below him, shocked someone would even suggest it. While Skandy is undoubtedly one of the smartest and dignified dragons for his age, he is a bit of a practical joker, embracing one small act of immaturity for his inner amusement. Judging by the sheer potency of his flerps, they are likely flammable to the extreme. As they tend to linger across large swaths of land for extended periods, his ability could be creatively utilized for defensive means, should all else fail.

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