Powers of Old

The term “Powers of Old” refers to abilities dragons had long ago, before they became more docile and focused on a life of farming and peace. While they could still fly, some of their ancestors’ more defensive and offensive traits could not be summoned unless directly related to their daily work. For example, the only dragons that still could breathe fire were those that worked in smithing or at kilns, and even then, they could only manifest the power in short bursts. This change came about through evolution, as there were no battles to be fought, and peace was generally maintained.
Since the Purge of Drakon, the newest generation of dragons have demonstrated abilities and powers resembling their ancient ancestors, despite only a short amount of time passing. Whether due to the shift (and general discombobulation) in the world or natural evolution sensing a need for a swift return to their previous glory, the rush to reacquire these powers has met with mixed results. For instance, for every one dragon that has relearned how to blend into their environment or manifest fireballs, another has gained a useless trick, such as the ability to “glorp” up undigested food in interesting (but generally useless) ways. Few (if any) dragons have demonstrated the capability to fly once more, but the physical heaviness in the air that accompanied the return of the Gloom King has primarily been to blame.