(Otherwise known as Cam)

LAND: the area previously known as Eldurland (now Eldur)

SEX: Female

Before he was given the surname of "The Mighty," Augino the Farmer was generally a solitary dragon when it came to most things, farming his land and keeping to himself. However, one particular soul was able to pierce his tough exterior more than any other. While walking the shores near his home on a fine, sunny afternoon, Augino caught the eye of a female by the name of Camastriere. Seeing that he appeared to have a great deal of empty land on his property, she asked if he wouldn't mind letting her build a garden there. She especially liked to grow Ween-Taytos, and her smaller home in nearby Eventry didn't have the proper space for such things. She offered him half of whatever grew in exchange, and it was a deal he readily accepted not so much for the spare produce, but that he was smitten at first sight.

Augino and Cam became close as they worked that garden, and after awhile, their crops grew to an abundance far more than either could either eat or tend. Enlisting the help of some of the native Dragaroos (a practice uncommon for the time), the two began selling their wares throughout Eventry and Eldurland in general.


One day, as Cam was steadily working a plot she often paid close attention to, she came upon an item out of place. In the dirt sat a piece of Junifruit picked and already cut in two, and as there wasn't a Juni Tree on the property, it was definitely odd. Upon further examination, she found a small message wrapped around the seed inside that read:

"This seed can be planted, and a hard-shelled Juni Fruit will emerge, difficult to split but with an inner bounty worthy of the time and effort. I've lived my life completely uncrackable until you came along, never imagining it possible to feel so warm inside before you came into my life."

Looking up, she saw Augino approaching, bringing forth a shining silver ringlet as he bowed to one knee. He asked if she would be his mate, a proposition she quickly accepted. Wearing the ring around her neck in a cord made of dried vines from the Tree of Anemarols itself (as she didn't want to lose or dirty it while digging in their garden), she settled at the farm with Augino. The two had one pup, living happily for many Yar.


When Phinneas the Donkle and his troops attacked Eldurland and the village of Eventry, Cam tended to her and Augino's pup as he took to the battle outside. Utilizing the strengths of the Dragaroos that had become their loyal companions, Augino fought off Drakon's invading forces single-handedly. While victorious and able to save the lives of his family and many residents of Eldurland, the ground itself was severely blighted. Unfortunately, Cam's family was forever altered, as the damage Augino sustained in battle was too much for him to endure.

As it became clear that Drakon's forces were only temporarily thwarted, Camastriere became the driving force behind organizing the Meeting of the Few. Standing atop Mertimer Peak, she summoned all of her anguish from the loss of Augino and let forth a desperate wail that rang out far and wide across all of Fyra Oyer. This call drew all remaining dragons to the remains of Eventry, at which point it was agreed that all unhatched eggs were to be hidden across Fyra Oyer. Should something happen to them, at least the next generation may have a chance at survival and learn how to avenge their fates.

After the Meeting of the Few, the area known as Eldurland was abandoned, with all residents fleeing to different parts of Fyra Oyer. The whereabouts and fate of Camistriere and her pup are unknown.

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