Battle of Eventry

The Battle of Eventry can refer to two different skirmishes that involved the most populated bit of land in the area previously known as Eldurland. The first battle involved two sets of dragons that battled over closely-divided geographical points, each wanting more for their own. The conflict between those two sects waged for so long that they eventually concluded that neither side would likely be the victory should they continue. The area was renamed Eventry, denoting that both cultures gave it their best but could not be overwhelmed or defeated by their opponent. They each gave an “even try,” and the land was declared free for all that wished to reside there, owned by no particular faction.
The second battle involved the forces of Phinneas the Donkle during the Purge of Drakon. In his goal of invading the village of Eventry and the surrounding area, he was unexpectedly met by the formidable forces of the Mighty Augino and his coat of Dragaroos. While Phinneas was unsuccessful in capturing the land, the entire continent of Eldur and every town within (aside from some north-eastern territories) was destroyed and remains in a state of constant lava and magma flow.