(Otherwise known as Mergess Beredith)

LAND: Dreka

SEX: Female

This greenish-blue dragon pup from Dreka is most often pleased to introduce herself by what she considers her full name, Mergess Beredith. She loves to spin the yarn on how it came to her in a dream, proceeding to act out the scenario with great gusto. As a result of the vision, she’s felt the need to take to the stage and become the greatest (and currently only) actor in Fyra Oyer, worried that the art of live performance might become obsolete otherwise. She often recounts stories of the legendary dragon actor Nonkee the Overachiever, and it’s unknown how she came about such historical knowledge. Twisting and turning stories into a one-pup recital, she is always ready to entertain anyone watching. A voracious reader, she’s often searching for secluded areas to soak up knowledge or tales of old to make a grand performance of later. Worried that dragons might make fun of her for appetite for knowledge, she keeps her desire for such things often to herself.


One unconventional method that Mergess has harnessed, whether out of need or enhanced ability, is the ability to shape raindrops and use them in a most distinct manner. Unfortunately for her, she has awful vision, which she finds pretty annoying since she likes to read and act out the stories she consumes. Modifying water into little dots, she is able to place them on her little face and see not only better in general, but with greater clarity and distance than any other dragon around. Another distinct feature of Mergess Beredith is her deep voice, which is peculiar for a female dragon.

As Beredith grows older, her thoughts of displacement increase, feeling like she is living a storyline not entirely her own. It doesn’t bother so much as excites her, feeling like existence as a dragon meant for the big stage far more interesting than whatever else she might do. Still, she wonders if she’ll ever discover what it was that led her down that path, as it seemed so otherworldly at the time.

Honing her ability to shape water and rain adds to Mergess’ repertoire in that it is useful in defense (and possibly offense) and makes for wondrous sights during her presentations.

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